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Staff performance



There is so much talent in your organization. Nurture it and be wowed by what can be accomplished

It's become very cliche' to say so, but I believe the most important resource in your business is your people. Why then for so many businesses that believe this as well, is performance management reduced to a "once-a-year" or "once every so often" performance evaluation that no one likes to write, deliver, or hear? Performance management is a dynamic thing. No one size fits all, but there are basic elements that when incorporated in your regular business cycle, will reveal a host of untapped, under, or misapplied talent. When you begin to more appropriately direct that talent, amazing things can happen in your business. I can help you to assess and improve your performance management process approach.

More importantly if people are your most valuable and important resource, then doesn't it stand to reason that your should be making regular investments in updating, broadening, and enhancing their skills and capabilities? Identifying your individual team members' skills and capabilities is an important baseline to establish.  Further understanding their goals and aspirations allows you to compare where they are to where you and they want to go. The gaps that are revealed begin to outline a development path for each person on your team. Work in this area builds the bench strength you need to manage through the unforeseen and "out-of-left-field" challenges that can strike your business at any time. I can help your organization develop a simple and effective process to help your team grow in pace with your business.

As your business grows you'll likely add new positions in your company. Most organizations think hiring is a panacea. Someone new is always the correct answer.  While in some cases hiring from the outside may be needed to quickly add a specific skill set, the combination of performance management and development will ensure that you always have good internal choices as well. For each organization there exists an appropriate balance between hiring outside talent and developing the talent you have.  Good performance management and development systems ensure you can find the balance that works for your company

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