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Risk Management



Be prepared for the challenges no one likes to think about

Severe weather, power outages, fire, or even worse can severely disrupt your business and can bring with it a significant financial toll. Business interruption insurance is one tool to help mitigate the impact. However, having a business continuity plan can help you prepare to assess and take action during any disruption event allowing you to minimize the length and magnitude of your business recovery. Many continuity plans and approaches are overly focused on information technology systems and not your business as a whole. They are often canned and complex. I can help you to develop a simple and actionable plan that your team can rely on and use when the unexpected comes along.

Businesses today face a host of daily challenges just in the process of taking care of their customers. However, they don't often take the time to evaluate their underlying policies and practices so that they can avoid unanticipated legal issues. I can help you identify key processes and documents that can be presented to your legal counsel of your choice for review and update. Together we can create a system to help you conduct periodic updates to those documents as your business grows and changes. Additionally, I can help you to assess and update your current intellectual property and its protection. In our global economy this has become more critical than ever.

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