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Advocacy and compliance are as much relationship as they are rulebook

Regardless of politics, I think everyone would agree that business is more highly regulated today than ever before. It is no longer a successful strategy to wait until you have a regulatory problem to ensure that you have compliant systems, practices, and policies in place as are needed for your business. Let me work with your team to assess and improve your regulatory compliance approach.

So many businesses do not take the time to connect with their local, state, and federal legislators, government officials, regulatory and enforcement agencies. This is truly a missed opportunity. Introducing your business to these individuals is an avenue to improved understanding. The more your government leaders know what you're about, the more they can help point you to programs and resources that may be quite helpful. The more you can understand what regulators and enforcement are really looking for, the more effective you can make your compliance efforts. Often the questions you ask these people where there is no problem can help your avoid tremendous issues borne of misunderstanding or misinterpretation in the future. I can work with you to develop a process whereby these activities become a regular part of your business cycle.

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